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February 21, 2018
Dear Viewers,

After trying my best to make videos for you guys, it was still not enough to support myself financially. I have decided it would be best to offer amazing packages to you for your donation in helping to continue running BratPerversions.com. If you enjoy my content and would like me to continue creating original videos for you, then please consider helping me by donating.


Donation Options

  • $100 Donation = 6 month premium membership + x1 1Hour Long Private Video Session
  • $200 Donation = 12 month premium membership + x2 1Hour Long Private Video Session
  • $250 Donation = 18 month premium membership + x4 1Hour Long Private Video Session
  • $500 Donation = Lifetime Premium Membership + x10 Private Video Sessions (no time limit)
  • $1000 Donation = Lifetime Premium Membership + Real Life Meetup (meeting arrangements will be made later)

Donations Can Be Made With Bitcoin or Ethereum:

Bitcoin Address: 19uD4pzsDnXckY3qLEzEVBuRBgYkut9ofT

Ethereum Address: 0x6bf200ddAf051Ce69e4b24f62789C4D3B50659B7

Please send an email to missbratdom@bratperversions.com after sending your donation so I can add you to my list.